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Launch of New Distinctive Catholic Resource:



                           NURTURING HUMAN WHOLENESS IN THE

                              DISTINCTIVE CATHOLIC TRADITION: 

                                      "STATEMENTS TO LIVE BY...."



After five years of development across the four Catholic north-eastern dioceses, a dynamic new resource was launched in early February of 2008 at St John the Baptist Primary School in Normanton, West Yorkshire.


St John's school was recently visited by Mr Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Families and Schools to congratulate the headteacher Mrs Monica Haley on winning 'Headteacher of the Year' for the Northern Region. Mrs Haley has been actively involved in the development of the resource ever since taking part in a headteacher sabbatical some five years ago.


Mr Balls was most impressed by the school which has trialled this distinctive cross-curricular 'Catholic' resource. "If every school in Britain was like this one, we would be a much stronger society."


"Statements to Live By" is a distinctive Catholic resource aimed at supporting social cohesion and the social, spiritual and emotional development of children. It comes with thirty six 'statements', 36 Acts of Worship; 36 circle times for each year group; links to citizenship; religious education; parables; and the CAFOD website. it also offers prayer reflections for staff and parents; certificates and even has activities for home and parish.

Fr Daniel O'leary priest in Leeds Diocese; Bernard Martin, headteacher of English Martyrs Ctholic School, Wakefield; Theresa Laverick, RE Adviser for Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle; Frank McDermott, Diocese of Hallam/Anam Cara; Monica haley, headteacher of St John the Baptist School, Normanton.

Frank McDermott, former Director of Schools for the Diocese of Hallam and Theresa Laverick, an RE Adviser for the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle are delighted that the resource is now complete. "This is one of the most exciting and significant developments we've ever been involved in. The feedback from schools couldn't be more positive." said Frank.


"Over 50 heads, support staff and teachers have been actively involved in creating this resource together with colleagues from CAFOD and Local Authority Advisers."


Theresa Laverick commented "The unique nature of the cooperation between so many colleagues in so many schools and agencies across four dioceses has been remarkable and a tremendous testimony to Catholic education. We are especially grateful to Fr Daniel O'Leary for his ongoing theological advice and to Penny Vine, a PSHE adviser for Education Leeds who introduced us to values education rooted in whole school ethos statements."

Mrs Monica Haley, Headteacher of the Year (Northern Region 2007)


Monica Haley, Headteacher of the Year, in whose school the resource was launched, sees the development of this integrated resources as deepening the distinctive nature of Catholic education. "It gives a real sense of coherence in the curriculum and what's more, children and staff love using it!"



The full title of this new 'free' resource is aptly named:



                                       STATEMENTS TO LIVE BY...."


Further information about this new resource may be obtained directly from Frank McDermott:


or from Theresa Laverick: