Anam Cara Educational Support

Retreats and Pilgrimages


We have been privileged to be able to support a variety of 'tailor made' experiences for individuals, small groups and whole school communities.


The nature of this unique support has included the following:


w    personal, professional/pastoral companionship on a one to one confidential

      basis (soul friendship)


w    a gentle day or half day of prayerful reflection and renewal for a school staff -

      either in school itself or in a nearby retreat centre


w    a day pilgrimage for a primary school staff or an RE Department in a secondary

      school to pilgrimage sites in the north-east of England


w    24 hour retreats and pilgrimages for groups of headteachers, deputy

      headteachers, RE Co-ordinators etc to venues such as Holy Island; Fountains

      Abbey; Ripon Cathedral; Jervaulx Abbey; Osmotherley; Lastingham; St Paul's

      Jarrow etc, etc


w    practical and professional day or half day courses for schools interested in

      developing the use of meditation, quiet gardens' prayer journals and retreats

      and pilgrimages with children


w    half day 'experiences' of meditation and prayer journaling for staff


PLUS regional workshops for sharing retreat and pilgrimage resources for Catholic Primary Schools. 























For an example of a 24 hour pilgrimage to Holy Island in Northumberland click here 


For an example of a mornings reflection at the end of a busy summer term click here 


For an example of an overnight 'spiritual break' for a group of headteachers click here 


For an example of an end of term day of reflection click here 


During 2009/ 10 we were privileged to lead pilgrimages and retreat experiences in Holy Island, Fountains Abbey, Jervaulx Abbey, Masham Moors, Bolton Abbey, Ripon Cathedral, St Paul' in Jarrow, Ampleforth, Rievaulx, Lastingham and Osmotherley to name but a few.



Anam Cara is committed to following Christ. We are a pilgrim people journeying with God in the real world where there we see no distinction between the sacred and the ordinary.  As Christian teachers and Christian leaders we are called to recognise the sacrament of the present moment, to pause, and to be still in the presence of the Lord.

Anam Cara Educational Support Ministry

                                                                                                                                                                                                 "no distinction between the sacred and the ordinary"

Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island, one of the venues for our retreats.